WordPress secure mode

Enjoying the peace of mind running WordPress in secure mode on the new M3XS 5 series servers?  Great!  However, sometimes you need to loosen security to install/configure a plugin – such as the advanced W3 Total Cache plugin.

Although we don’t recommend advanced plugins like this for low traffic WordPress sites, if you do decide to use it, follow this simple procedure for piece of cake installation:

Grab your favorite FTP client, login and navigate to the wp-content directory.

chmod 777 wp-content

{ install / configure your plugin, test and verify }

Once done, simply chmod 755 the wp-content to secure it.

Important!!!  DO NOT CHMOD -R 777 (RECURSIVELY).

Repeat this for any plugin that MAY require it.  Most plugins do not create directories under the immediate wp-content directory.  But, if you find one that does, this procedure above will get the job done.

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